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The aim of Campus Ministry is to offer the members of our campus community the opportunity to integrate religious belief and moral values with their life and work in campus.

In order to attain this goal we:

  • 1. Encourage daily prayer and moments or periods of reflection
  • 2. Offer and invite to participate on the celebration of sacraments
  • 3. Re-vindicate the building of a University Church to serve the needs of
    ... the community
  • 4. Organize discussion groups on Church teachings and Christian values
  • 5. Promote Christian values in academic and extra-curricular activities
  • 6. Promote service learning and social justice awareness
  • 7. Offer personalized pastoral and vocational counseling
  • 8. Promotes commitment through family and vocational values

Campus Ministry welcomes the presence of members of other churches or religious beliefs in our campus, respects their beliefs, appreciates their prayers and is willing to collaborate in any effort towards a sincere and constructive religious dialogue.

Being Providence University located in a country where Christians are a minority and also in a cultural environment where the Gospel has not been yet deeply rooted, Campus Ministry is aware of its role and its great responsibility in serving as a visible presence of Jesus Christ and its mercy towards people of all races and beliefs. This presence, above all, must be enlightened by personal example of dedication to the work and sanctity of life.