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Department of Law

Tel: +886-4-2632-8001 Ext. 17041-17042
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College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Group: Law and Politics
International Admission: Bachelor (Degree)

The Department of Law was established in 2003.? However, law courses have been offered at Providence University for several years prior to officially opening the department. The educational purpose of the department is to train law professionals in jurisprudence research and jurisdiction practice. The expectation is that graduates from the department will exhibit high ethical standards as they interpret, practice and carry out the law.

In addition to highly regarded professors, professional lawyers, prosecutors, physicians, accountants, and judges have been invited to teach relevant courses in the department. This arrangement provides students with important opportunities to glean knowledge from the experiences of those in a variety of fields related to law. Furthermore, in recognition of the international orientation of law, students are required to take English courses and may also enroll in German and Japanese language courses taught for law purposes.