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Department of Applied Chemistry

Tel: +886-4-2632-8001 Ext. 15022 - 15023
Fax: +886-4-2632-7554
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College of Sciences

Group: Maths, Physics and Chemistry
International Admission: Bachelor (Degree), Master (Degree), Ph.D (Degree)

The Department of Applied Chemistry boasts practical curricula, training programs and excellent faculty to prepare students for their place as leaders in industry, research, and education. It offers an excellent learning environment and provides tutoring sessions after class to assist students with their studies. Seventy-eight percent of its full-time faculty hold doctoral degrees in specialty areas such as organic, inorganic, analytic and physical chemistry, biotechnology, and educational chemistry.

Emphasis is placed on research, development and training in the following areas: 1.) hi-tech analysis and application, including material analysis, environmental pollution analysis, and cosmetic analysis; 2.) organic synthesis and natural products; 3.) specialty chemicals, including attractants, catalysts, surfactants, and nanomaterials.

Students in the department develop and apply specific chemicals in products, learn principles of instrumental analysis and training techniques, and participate in special programs including Instrumental Analysis, Biological Medicine, Surface Chemistry, and Cosmetic Programs of chemical industry technology.