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Luking Library, founded in 1953, was named in 1965 in honor of Mother Marie Gratia Luking, foundress of Providence University. It is devoted to the mission of collecting and organizing materials to satisfy the needs of the users in teaching and learning in all academic departments; to cultivate students・ interest in learning; to train students in the skills needed to do research independently; and to create for our users a comfortable and convenient e-learning and research environment.

In God・s Providence, Luking Library has grown from a five-story (7,852 M2) building to the spacious (21,930 M2) and well-equipped modern library of today. In addition to the library proper, there are also in its organization the Audio-Visual Center and the Art Center, located in the Anthony Kuo Hall. The combination, integration and networking of library information, audio-visual productions and technical services, and art exhibitions and education present Luking Library as a special and unique multi-media learning center, the pride of our faculty and students.

Luking Library houses a wealth of data in various formats: printed, digitized, and online. It has the best collections of American and English Literature as well as Children・s Literature in Taiwan. It takes pride in the speedy availability of requested materials and services, and of how often the library is frequented and the materials used. Furthermore, the accessibility of Providence University e-Collections at anytime from anywhere, the sharing of resources among consortium member institutions, and the use of Internet resources have expanded the scope of the horizon for our users.

Luking Library goes beyond an on-site knowledge provider. The idea of the use of a TV studio and campus cable TV programs to assist teaching and learning for many academic institutions is a dream; for Providence, it is a reality. Music appreciation is well programmed and presented every day for all to enjoy. The Campus Sculpture Exhibition 2004 brought 36 famous artists to display their artistic expressions of contemporary sculpture, the first of its kind on a university campus in Taiwan. All these special features, and more, exemplify Luking Library・s effort in taking an active role in the university・s creative advance into the future.