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The Flipped Classroom


Providence University sponsored a seminar called, “The Flipped Classroom” on 6th December 2014.  The goal of this activity is to discuss new teaching method, teacher’s educational qualification, and innovative teaching strategy.

The Flipped Classroom, which originated from North America requires teachers to upload their pre-recorded lectures to let students learn on their own and encourage discussion in the class. Through this method even those students who have missed the class can catch up with the lessons.  In addition, it also turns “instructor” into “guide” that cultivates students’ abilities in learning and  independent thinking especially in Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Chinese, and other practical courses.

Ms. Hsiao Sia Wu, the representative from the Ministry of Education also mentions that, “The Flipped Classroom” makes students be more active at gaining knowledge by directly getting them involved in learning.  In fact, she says students can be more competitive by changing their role into active participants.  PU Vice President Wen-kuang Chou also adds that, “teaching is not just reading the textbook and writing down notes, but cultivating students’ interest in learning.”