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Volunteers Needed This Summer

Teens teaching kids in computer lab

The United Medical Foundation Taiwan is currently promoting a program called Albert Schweitzer 2.0 that provides financial aid to a team of teenagers willing to stay in a remote area during summer. The program will let the participants live with the people in remote places so that they can get to know their way of life, their problems and how to find solutions to their problems.  This way, they can get first-hand information that will eventually be used as part of social service.

Mr. Zhang, the executive of this program, believes that many places in Taiwan still lack medical assistance.  This Albert Schweitzer 2.0 program encourages young people to go back to live in the old ways and use their power to solve whatever problems they encounter by applying what they have learned from the modern world.

This program hopes to recruit 40 students for training camp that provides courses on Social involvement and Hygiene resources. There will also be mentors for students to help them figure out what the problems are and find solutions to them. In addition, students can write down their project for implementation and make it become a part of social enterprise.

Mr. Zhang says that students can join this program no matter what major they are taking right now.  He also adds, “by observing and getting involved there will always be a change.”