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Enterprise Recruitment in Providence University

Job hunting

Every year, Providence University sponsors “Enterprise Recruitment” or “Job Fair.”   This year, about sixty (60) famous companies participated and provided at least one thousand vacancies (1000) for qualified applicants. All companies gave the best description of their working environment, salaries, and benefits packages which helped PU local and foreign students understand employment requirements in Taiwan.

While the recruitment exhibition was going on, a speech on how to write a proper resume and interview skill was also held. PU also provided Career Personality Aptitude System in order to help student understand what they like and what they want.
Dr. Chuan Yi Tang, encouraged the students to prepare and equip themselves with soft power. He says, “If you have good skill or ability in soft power, you will get a good job.”
Director Dan, Su-Jyuan, of PU Alumni and Career Affairs Office, says that through this job fair, students are able to know useful information about their occupation in the future, understand what the situation is in different industries, and what kind of people is wanted by the enterprise.
At the recruitment exhibition, students have been informed on the different participating companies and what they offer, their employment benefits, as well as their recruitment requirements.  Before the end of the “Job Fair”, a number of students have applied and are already considered for the job before they graduate from college.