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Students In Social Enterprise

In the early 80s, there was a trend for setting up one’s own business to earn more profit for Taiwan.  Nowadays, young people have their own vision and motivation in getting involved in social enterprise.  To accomplish this, the Ministry of Education provides financial help to those who are willing to venture in this kind of business.

The Ministry of Education proposes a project of providing available places for young people as their base of operations to decrease their burden in the beginning of the operation.  Many universities including Providence University accept the challenge and are prepared to give their best to this project. For example, Providence University promotes a social enterprise training programwhere different departments have their own practical courses.  Aside from this, PU Industry Department has a lot of programs that help cultivate students’ abilities. These programs train the students to become useful citizen of our society capable of contributing something of great importance that benefit the society and the country as a whole.