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Providence receives the highest amount of scholarship this academic year 2015-16


We are all thrilled to share this good news to our ACUCA members! 
        Providence University has been granted the highest amount of scholarship among all the universities in Taiwan by the Ministry of Education (MOE) in this coming academic year 2015-16.  A total of 407 million in support of the Study Abroad Program has been granted by the MOE to PU students qualified to study abroad.  There are two types of MOE scholarships in this regard, namely; a) scholarship for students with consistent excellent academic performance and b) scholarship for students with low-income and excellent academic performance. With this amount, our 40 deserving students can study in Japan, the Netherlands, the USA, Spain, and other countries for one or two semesters while 5 other deserving students from the low-income family approved by the MOE can enjoy studying abroad with full scholarship support.

In September 2015, PU is sending 7 students to study for double degree (DD) programs currently offered by partner schools in the US, Germany and France.  Under this DD program, PU students will be granted degrees from both PU and the university where they study after completing all the requirements within the regular study period.

Moreover, PU is also sending abroad more than 170 students for exchange programs in 2015-16 academic year and 220 more students will be sent abroad as part of the summer program hosted by our partner universities.

To make sure students are well aware of their obligations during studying abroad, the Office of International Affairs hosted a workshop entitled, “From PU to Global—Create Your Study Abroad Experience,” on June 11, 2015. At the event, certificates were awarded to those who finished the study abroad programs last semester.  They were also invited to share their study abroad experiences to those outbound for this Fall Semester 2015.  All students bound for Spain, USA, Asia, and Europe attended the event from which they have learned the essential pre-departure information they need before embarking on their journey to a foreign land.

        Thanks to MOE, our students will be able to support their stay for one or two semesters abroad and cover partially their expenses such as, housing, insurance, meals, and other miscellaneous. We are truly grateful for this financial support from the MOE and we are looking forward to sending these outstanding students abroad who we believe will bring back great learning outcome back to Taiwan. There will be ups and downs along the way which will not only become their unforgettable and unique experiences, but also will make them better persons in the face of challenges in the future.

        Congratulations to all the recipients for winning this awesome scholarship! We wish them the best in all their endeavors.