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Every family in a community has its own story.  With this in mind, a team of five students from the Department of Mass Communication of Providence University decides to go to Qingshui every week to have a conversation with a family and record their story full of struggles and difficulties. The documentary is about to be finished in January next year.

Director WU, SYUAN-YOU has learned to love stories of war and resistance against aggression since he was young.  This is but one of those stories which happened during the war era. Under the cruelty of war, the story of a small man is more touching than the hero. In the beginning, the villager thinks that the students just want to use him and his family to get a reputation so he declines to have their story recorded. However, the five students visit their community every week for one year and so he lets go of his inner guard finally.

Mrs. LEE, who has been married to her husband since she was 17, is now 92 years old.  She says after two years of marriage, she and her husband were forced to leave each other because of the war. Together with her son, she left China and came to Taiwan to find her husband where she encountered many difficulties along the way.  However, after all the hardships, she was able to pull through eventually. The family’s documentary will be published in January 2016 so that more people will get to know her family’s very touching story.