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Using What Was Learned to Protect the Environment


It’s summer vacation and what a great time to enjoy doing things we cannot do during school days.  JHANG, YU-TING, a student from the Department of Ecological Humanities is an exception. She volunteered to go to Formosa Bat Preservation during summer vacation where she learned how to protect Formosa Bat and eliminate other forms of invasive species.

A town known as Bei-Gang holds the largest amount of Formosa Bat in the world. However, Bei-Gang’s bat species has decreased because of pollution. This is how JHANG, YU-TING puts what she has learned to good use.

JHANG, HENG-JIA, the person in charge of the preservation taught JHANG, YU-TING how to look into the resources and protect the eco- system. Together they especially put more effort in researching on the habit of Formosa bats where she also learned that the invasive foreign species called, “Kaloula Pulchra,” was replacing the local ???  fogs. This additional knowledge eventually initiated the expelling mission.

JHANG, YU-TING says the perfect environment attracts lots of Formosa bats to inhabit the place. JHANG, HENG-JIA, her mentor adds that ecological conservation should be rooted in the minds of the youth and must continue to uphold it all the time.

What a great and meaningful way to spend a summer vacation!