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Bringing Joy to Sick Children through Balloons


A little act of kindness brings so much joy to others without us knowing it.  Professor YIN-FAN PENG of Providence University in cooperation with Tungs’ Taichung Metro Harbor Hospital and Labor University recently held an activity that taught parents and children in the hospital how to make balloons.  This has of course brought the sick children and their parents with so much joy as shown by their sweet smiles.  Not only the parents and the children but also the staff of the hospital have benefited from this activity since it has also helped ease their stress from their difficult work.

A three-year-old boy sick with pneumonia was crying relentlessly for staying in the hospital for a long time. However, this special balloon making made this child smile. Such a beautiful sight indeed! 

The balloon class is set up for two seasons in which more than forty people are joining.  At the beginning, most of them were afraid the balloons would explode but eventually they learned how to control the helium and were able to hone their skill at making balloons as well.

This activity has indeed brought so much joy to the sick children in the hospital.  The pain they are going through has been forgotten for a while.  It is hoped that this activity will go on for the benefit of the children who are suffering from any form of diseases.  What  great way to care for others!