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Second Language Workshop


Great news for teachers and students!  Second Language Workshops are offered free at Providence University.  Anyone who is interested in learning another language is able to enjoy this opportunity.  In response to globalization, PU has been working on internationalizing its populace for a few years now and offering language workshops for free is one of the best ways to realize that goal. PU believes that if the teachers and students know and understand foreign languages such as Spanish and Japanese they would become internationalized and globally competitive.

Professor Wei-Huang Lee, from the Department of Japanese Language and Literature, mentions  that they have designed some special courses such as Cultural Experience to motivate the students learn another language. Professor Li-Rong Zeng, from the Department of Spanish Language and Literature, avers that they want their students to know more about Spanish language, culture, food, dance, art, movie, and music. In fact, one of the students says that he can feel the Spanish passion after the dance course. Professor Chin-Fen Chen, from the Department of English Language, Literature, and Linguistics, says that increasing students’ language abilities is the priority of the Foreign Language College so they offer interesting cultural courses to attract students to learn a foreign language which would be useful for them in the future.

The workshops mentioned above are as follows:
First Workshop: Spanish Workshop - July 27 to July 29
Second Workshop:  Japanese Workshop - July 27 to July 29
Third Workshop:  For Teachers Teaching Spanish and Japanese- August 24- August 26