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PU Teaching Achievement Recognized Overseas


A group of principals, teachers and staff from Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar, Brunei, South Korea, Japan, Philippines, Indonesia, and Malaysia, (all from Junior High Schools) recently visited PU to see how their students can come over to possibly study here.   Vice President Wen-kuang Chou was more than proud to introduce PU to the guests saying that PU is equipped with great teaching resources and excellent environment.  He also added that overseas Chinese are very much welcome to study at PU where they can also learn the culture and way of life of the Taiwanese while learning the knowledge and skills which they can use forever.

The visit of the group of 62 people at PU has made them aware of the learning environment and enrollment policy at PU.  The visitors gave a very positive affirmation of PU that shows their good impression of the teaching resources here and the learning environment.  They are also impressed with the programs that promote internationalization of PU.

Vice President Wen-kuang Chou says that Providence University is a Catholic university founded by the Sisters of Providence of Saint Mary of the Woods, from Indiana, USA.   At present, 10 percent of PU students come from different parts of the world that cultivates an international campus and a global mobility.

Vice President Wen-kuang Chou also mentions the fact that PU is a member of ISEP (International Student Exchange Program) which has approximately more than 300 member universities in the world.  As the only member university of ISEP in Taiwan, PU students have the opportunity to study abroad through ISEP in which they only need to pay tuition and admission fee to their home university.  They need not pay tuition and accommodation fee to their host university which significantly decreased financial burden to the students studying abroad.

Overseas Youth Vocational Training at Providence University has already trained many outstanding youth from Malaysia, Myanmar, Indonesia and India. At present, other departments of PU include Department of Cosmetic Science, Department of Tourism, Department of Food and Nutrition. Pretty soon, there will also be Department of Digital Media and Web Design that aims to attract more excellent oversea students to study at PU where they can learn skills that can help them build up their career and be useful to their home country.