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PU Signs Contract with Korean and Hong Kong Press


Providence University has started to collaborate with industries overseas by signing a contract with Korea and Hong Kong Press for cooperation. In the following years, at least 12 million dollars will be invested in working on documentaries on industry which will create new digital types and Internet media in Taiwan.

The business partners of PU include Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO), Pacific Century Cyber Works (PCCW), and SK Telecom. Contracts were signed by PU Vice President Dr. Chiun-Chuang Wang, Mr. Hao Si, CEO of PU Media Development.

Director Jhih-Wun Jheng of PU Media Development says that that PU has already had rich experiences in documentary industry and internet media.  By combining the hardware skills of the internet media platform of Korea EPK, PCCW, and SK Telecom, the construction of a special agreement for documentary will serve as an inspiration to the potential of Internet media industry in Taiwan.

These above-mentioned partners agree that there are many documentaries in Taiwan that are very professional and are using various topics. It is hoped that by this cooperation, documentaries can spread all over the world through Internet media.

Mr. Hao Si says that the Internet TV has become the most important medium in communication. Through this cooperation and collaboration, PU will be able to integrate cultural and creative industry with media as well as design Internet platform. Users can access excellent documentaries anytime and anywhere  through the Internet.