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Job Exhibition at Providence University


Providence University has recently held a job exhibition in campus where approximately 60 famous companies offer more than a thousand job opportunities for students. At the exhibition, PU President Dr. Chuan Yi Tang encourages students to overcome challenges and prepare themselves by having a good attitude and professional knowledge. He says these qualities will surely help them get a good job someday.

Many of these companies offer excellent benefit package for those qualified applicants. Some of them even recruited students to be their employees. International students also took part in this activity to know the industrial trends in Taiwan. In fact, a number of students have already found jobs at the job fair even before graduating from college. Director of Taichung Labor Bureau, MR. HE-TING HUANG, mentions that PU cooperates with their bureau on conducting some courses and sponsoring several speeches meant to help and stir studentsˇ¦ interest by orienting them with technical know-how before venturing into the work force. In line with this, PU has arranged a wide range of different companies that can provide them with a variety of job choices. Moreover, PU also sets up a working abroad area for companies to find qualified persons to work overseas.

CHEN,GUAN-JHEN, a student from the Department of Computer Science and Information Management, says the exhibition assists them to know various companies before graduation. He says it makes them understand the needs of the different companies and the situation in the current working environment.

Taichung Harbor Hotel Assistant to the Chairman, Mr. WANG,YI-TING shares that besides the professional abilities, students should be pressure-resistant and must have a good communication skills in addition to positive attitude and spirit of team work. These are definitely the keys that will open their door to a good job in the future he adds.

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