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3rd Annual Chinese DiGRA Conference Held at Providence University


The 3rd Chinese DiGRA (Digital Games Research Association) Conference was held at PU for the first time. Taiwan independent game inventors, research professionals, and a team from PU announced the outcome during the conference which shows that Taiwan”¦s innovation is getting noticed internationally.

Recently, the Chinese Digital Game Industry is not only limited to Japan and America PC game markets and the online game market of South Korea. Last year, the market in China broke its record at 222 million US dollar and as a result, caught the attention of the Chinese game industry all over the world.

DiGRA conference at PU discussed the importance of industry, learning, playing, and all forms of communication in practical operation or research. This is the third time that it gathers the 45 scholars from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Europe and America.

Dr. Pei-Fong Lin, the Assistant Professor from the Computer Engineering Department of PU, said that the scholars from Information Engineering gradually found that the digital games are equipped with the characteristic of cross-department, cross-fields, cross-culture, and other combined features. He said it must be integrated with the industry, government and education in close relationship and communication to form integrated knowledge.

Dr. Lin also mentioned that the soaring number of Chinese players in the recent years has become the focus in the game market. The different types of the software, hardware, content, form, and the extent of the participation of the players are now having a meaning in politics, economy, and culture.

DiGRA also invited the famous scholar, Mia Consalvo from Concordia University and Ho-Lin Lin, a professor from National Taiwan University Department of Sociology to give a speech. They shared their observation and analysis of the international game society, how the Chinese game market react with the world, and all related topics. They also showed the different ways of presenting speeches. Chinese-Japan DiGRA Dialogue was founded by Professor Hanna Wirman to establish a connection among Japan, China, Taiwan, and Chinese in terms of cross-communication.

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