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HIGH SCHOOL English Competition held at PU


The Department of English Language, Literature and Linguistics of Providence University held a competition in English presentation joined by all high schools in Taiwan. Participants in this competition consisted of 120 students from 14 different high schools divided into 24 teams. Students from New Taipei Municipal Mingder High School, Neihu Vocational High School, and Shin Min High School won the prize.

Dr. Chen, Chin-Fen, dean of the College of Foreign Languages and Literature says that the competition on presentation helped train students to research on a topic, collect information, communicate as a team, organize the data, and develop their presentation skill. She says these are all important skills needed in the workplace. Moreover, she adds that PU has a beautiful campus and a perfect software and hardware for students to choose to study in PU.

All the teams prepared their own PowerPoint to present their topic. The criteria for judging with regard to their performance on stage are:  content, language proficiency, teamwork, presentation skill, and fluency.

The judges note that students have great fluency as long as they work as a group. The key points for the presentation are content and skill and choice of words.   Some students focus on their body language like performing in a drama that they forget the speed and content.  They also say that continuous practice makes perfect and can help them perform more proficiently.

A student from Shin Min High School admits that their team collected a lot of information for their topic and kept modifying their content. In the end, they finish the competition with all their team members actively involved.  Other students also mentioned that this was a great experience even if they had to sacrifice their break and weekends just to practice and improve. They also encourage other students to participate in this event because it helps them develop their confidence and promote teamwork.

It is believed that through this activity, participants are able to increase their international awareness, discover the pros and cons of other teams and improve their ability in reporting using English as a medium while combining technology available to them. Thus, learning English in all aspect.