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Studying abroad is no longer a problem for students of Providence University for some good reasons. First of all, PU is the only university in Taiwan which is a member of International Student Exchange Program (ISEP) and cooperates with more than 700 universities worldwide. Second, through 411 Study Abroad Program, PU students can study abroad either during summer or winter break, or during the semester within the 4 years-course. As a matter of fact, this 2016, 609 PU students are studying abroad. No wonder, Providence University has been awarded “Excellent University” for 11 consecutive years and also the recipient of the highest grant among all the universities in Taiwan from the Ministry of Education.

PU President, Dr. Chuan Yi, Tang, points out that PU first promotes 411 Study Abroad Program with the aim of making PU students globally competitive. He says ISEP has more than 54 countries with 328 universities as members where PU students can go to study by just paying PU’s tuition and accommodation fee, as well as living expenses. He also mentioned about a particular student who studied in California as an exchange and when he came back, he started his own business and changed his life for the better.

President Tang also added that the International partners of PU are looking to set up a factory in Africa and to market their beverages in the developing countries. This means they will need talented people with knowledge and skills in management, informatics, food and nutrition in which PU students have competitive advantage due to their training abroad. Thus, he says, PU students should start building their profession while they are studying at PU.

As of now, there are 2813 International students studying in PU this 2016.  These foreign students can also help PU students broaden their international horizon, promote global perspective and cultivate language exchange necessary to bridging the gap among nations.