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Parents’ Day at PU

Parents’ Day at PU is extremely special this year. Students from the Department of Applied Chemistry organized a series of activities using Pokémon to make parents and new students have fun. Through the activities, they can get to know the classroom, teaching equipments, different departments, and the professors as well.

PU Chief Secretary  comments that there are about 2,600 new students this year. They expect parents to come to the university and understand the concepts of PU, teaching strategies, campus life, learning environment, teaching equipment, consultancy measures, software, hardware, dormitory information, scholarship, etc.

On this special day, every professor and chief of each department have an informal discussion with parents to answer all their questions with regard to students’ needs. Some parents are concerned about the accommodation and transportation while others are concerned with the exchange program, double degree program, and different clubs in the campus.

Through this Pokémon activities, parents and students can get familiar with the campus. In fact, they also have a opportunity to experience a chemical experiment. The chief of the Department of Applied Chemistry says that they want parents and students to enjoy chemistry in their life. This activity also in reases the learning motivation and interest of students at te same time.

The Department of Cometic Science also arranged parents and students visit to a domestic factory which the Chief Secretary says, “Students can better understand their future career and the situation of the industries  situation.

PU encourages students to try different fields and find the best way for themselves to learn and cultivate their abilityduring these four years.