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Tea Party for Teachers

“Thank You, Teacher!” is what the students say as they pass a cup of tea to their teachers to show them respect and gratitude for their dedication to educating the youth.  This annual event called “New-Life-with-Art Movement: A Tea Party for the Teachers” has been going on for the last three years at Providence University where students use a cup of tea to share with every student and teacher present at the party in celebration of Teachers’ Day  which has  become the university’s culture of being grateful and graceful to the teachers.

Professor X, the Director of Luking Library says that, “an important way of exploring college life is not only through classroom learning and book reading but also experiencing our environment and life which help enhance professional knowledge, shape character, and build career foundation for the future.

  The core of the "New-Life-with-Art Movement" is to cultivate a modern citizen with a sense of beauty and education, and more importantly, to convey gratitude. Through the tea party, we are also able to show our gratitude to the teachers, students and colleagues who help clean up the campus after the strong typhoon.

To respect teachers is a slogan passed on from generation to generation! The scene of PU students passing the tea to their teachers touched everyone there. A junior student from Spanish department said she is blessed and lucky being a student of Professor Sanchez because she used her own time helping and taking care of her students, especially helping with their writing works.