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Bus No. 162 Creating Convenience and Safety

Bus No. 162 going inside the campus of Providence University makes students take public transportation instead of riding their motorcycle. One student says  he takes the bus now because it is free within 10 km. Prof. Chia-Hsien Wu, the PU Vice-President points out that parents have less worries when students take the bus which decreases motorcycle accident.

Starting from September 1, Bus No. 162 stops at Providence University, Chia-Yang High School, Shalu Train Station, and Taichung Airport. Approximately, there’s a bus every 30 minutes.

A student from the Department of Japanese Language and Literature says that it rains and is windy in the winter in Shalu area which is the city near the ocean. She says It’s very convenient to go school by bus now. She also comments that they used to get off the bus in front of the school gate and they worried about being late while carrying lots of heavy books. But now, it is better because the bus stops inside the campus.

In addition to this, Taichung Government has also directed Bus No 108  to start from Taichung urban district through Nanton Shinkkung Senior High School, and Nan Kai University of Technology.