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"The Mazu religion in Chunghua" at Providence University


The Annual Mazu Festival Taiwan tour is coming soon, the Research Center for Taiwan Literature at Providence University held "2011 The Mazu Religion in Chunghwa Conference" on September 24 to inspire and enrich the knowledge of Mazu religion. Many professors and scholars participated in the conference and exchanged the academic theses.

Ruei-Jin Peng, the chairman of Taiwan Research Center, said that " Mazu is the one of most generally religion in Taiwan, and Chunghua is the most well-known province of Mazu religion. UNESCO listed Mazu religion as world culture legacy in 2009. How to represent and inherit Asia traditional spirit by Mazu religion becomes a serious issue nowadays."

According to the successful result of Mazu conference last year, Changhua Country Culture Bureau decided to call for the issue "The Mazu religion in Chunghua" this time, and it was the first academic conference which focused on local Mazu religion. Eight professional theses were divided into three panels, "the cultural legacy", "the ritual and society" and "the communication of literature". Mao-Sian Lin, a central member of Taiwan Culture Association presented his topic "The Three National Mazu Festivals" and expected people could understand the situation of cultural property. Other theses represented the issue from variable dimensions, such as the art of god, architecture of the temple, rural legends and so on. All Participants hoped the theses and explorations in this conference could help people to know better about the significance of Mazu religion.