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EMBA Welcome Party

Providence University held the EMBA (Executive Master of Business Administration) welcome party on September 18. President Dr. Chuan-Yi Tang, together with many administrators and scholars all attend the party to welcome the new comers of the EMBA, for example, Director of College of Managementchiou-Guey Jan, Chairperson of EMBA Department Cing-Jhen Wei, Manager of EMBA Alumni Association Yang-Ming Tsai, to name a few.

President Chuan-Yi Tang said: the ideal of Providence University is to care about the society by actions, and enrich the students' skills and ability by learning constantly. He also hoped that students could convey the positive power of love to help people in the society at anytime, anywhere.

Director of College of Management chiou-Guey Jan said that EMBA students have profound and different experiences in workplace and life; he hoped that the students could gather together and share experiences for a better vision.

Manager of EMBA Alumni Association Yang-Ming Tsai was glad to have a party with the new comers of EMBA; he expected students to become the elites of the society through the training of EMBA Department.