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Dedication of the John Paul II Sports Hall at Providence University


Providence University not only provides students well-educated environment of learning, but also takes account of students' health. The development of the whole person- students' body, mind, and spirit has been always what we focus on. Thus, we also hope that the opening of PU sports hall will better students' exercising habits and students' professional skills and knowledge in sports.

The Dedication of the John Paul II Sports Hall ceremony was held at Providence University on 1st Dec, 2011. Numerous honorable guests participated in the event: the Minister of Education of The Holy See, His Eminence Zenon Card, Grocholewski, the officer of Ministry Education of The Holy See, Father Ji-Na Ju, The Holy See Ambassador to Taiwan, Paul Fitzpatrick Russell, the Board Chairman of Providence University, Bishop Martin Su and the President of Providence University, Chung-Yi Tang. His Eminence Zenon Card. Grocholewski took the lead of the unveiling ceremony and addressed to the audience at this historical moment.

The Minister of Education of The Holy See, His Eminence Zenon Card. Grocholewski valued the founders of Providence University, Sister Marie Gratia Luking and all sisters of the Sisters of Providence, Saint Mary-of-the-Woods, USA, for their great contributions to the education. Sister Marie Gratia Luking traveled from America to China, lastly settled in Taiwan and founded Providence University in Taichung. His Eminence Zenon Card, Grocholewski also encouraged everyone to join church services and activities to expand their visions through pursuing truth in life.

The name of the sports hall was in memorial of Pope John Paul II, a model of sowing the seeds with peace and faith; he was the finest Pope in supporting sports activities in the world. We hope students at Providence University will be stimulated by the sportsmanship and solid belief of Pope John Paul II.

The John Paul II Sports Hall is a multi-function building with basement and four stories, including informatics classrooms, weight training, sport-sciences rooms, multi-function classrooms, indoor tracks, medical rooms, badminton courts and basketball courts. President Tang stated that "we value the importance of environmental protection, expecting to bring the idea of green construction into campus; the architectural design remained the mode of the buildings in Providence University."