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Providence University School Opening Mass


Providence University opening Mass was held on February 16th. Officiated by Chaplaincy Ramon Santacana, priest Kao-Der Kung, principal Chung-Yi Tang, and faculties joined common parameters ceremony to pray that God would pour out his blessing, wisdom, love and health at this new academic year.

"Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path", priest Ramon Santacana quoted the verses from Psalm 119: 105 to encourage all the students and teachers to purse the truth and set the goals and make the most of their life in order to contribute to the society.

During the mass ceremony, the bread and wine symbolise the fruit of hard-working on earth; we dedicated the research achievement, teaching development and the growth of students to God, trust in God's grace is sufficient for us. In the end of Mass, we encourage all the teachers would educate students with compassion, just and love; faculties would serve students as well as teachers kindheartedly; Students would learn to improve their knowledge and support one another.