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Thank You, Taiwan, Appreciation from Japan


The Public Performance of the Hokkaido Girl Band, Super Pants

In return for the charity support from Taiwan during the Great East Japan Earthquake (also known as "311 Earthquake"), the girl band "Super Pants" came to Taiwan, and had their first public performance at Providence University on March 12, in order to express their deepest appreciation to Taiwan and Providence University.

Last year, when 311 Earthquake happened in Japan, Taiwan immediately provided man power, resources, and great funding to support Japan. Students of Providence University and Japanese oversea students worked together to hold the activity "sending our love to Japan." In these activities, students collected benefits, made cheer-up videos, and prayed for the victims.

Now it is the one year anniversary of 311 Earthquake, Super Pants has been practicing Chinese songs in order to give Taiwan the great thanks. In the performance "For The Beneficence of Taiwan", they had performed five songs which they wrote, and two of them were sung in Chinese. The leader of Super Pants, Seri said: "we greatly appreciated the generous donation and support from Taiwan and Providence University. I hope the songs of Super Pants could express our deepest appreciation to you, and enlighten the victims of 311 Earthquake as well."

Super Pants is a popular girls' band which formed in 2009, the members are talented entertainers, Hokkaido, Seri, Megumi and Yuko, no matter in dancing, singing or composition.