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"Love, and Thanksgiving"
Ya-In Chinese Orchestra performed in United Concert

In order to celebrate the 50th golden anniversary, the Catholic Diocese of Taichung held "The Catholic School United Concert" in Chung Shan Hall on Mar 20th. Ya-In Chinese Orchestra expressed love and thanks through their performance of "Bang Chhun-hong", "The Beautiful Fern leaf" and "Take These Wings" and hopefully delivered them to everyone in this world.

In addition, Chorus of Yu-Jen Catholic Elementary School raised the curtain by their beautiful, celestial sound. Then, the Oratorio Choir of Holy Savior High School, the String Ensemble of Stella Matutina Girl's High School, and the Saint Choir of Catholic Cathedral played classical music pieces as well as Taiwanese folk songs.

The elegant melodies of "Bang Chhun-hong", "The Beautiful Fern leaf" and "Take These Wings" were pouring from the clever fingers which were fiddling with strings of the members of Ya-In Chinese Orchestra. To touch people's heart by pure melodies, the dulcimer player Jun-Liang Sun said, from choosing song list, knowing the meaning of each song and practicing, all of us have devoted ourselves to the progress, and we hope to let people see the love for humanity through our performance.

There will be yearlong celebration activities hold by the Catholic Diocese of Taichung. Many different subjects such as humanity caring, historical conference, sermon on building faith, prayer ceremony, music concert, charity party, and so on are coming soon this year! We do hope believers would learn the eagerness of previous preachers and pass down the faith to people for delivering the love of Jesus Christ to everyone in this world.