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The Academic Exchanges between Providence University and Anhui University

In order to improve academic exchanges between Taiwan and China, there was an academic conference which was co-held by Providence University, Wenzao Ursuline College of Languages, Ming Chung University, Shih Chien University and Anhui University (AHU) from April 18th to 23rd. The China participators of AHU include: Chairman of AHU: Hua Cheng; Director of the Department of International Exchange and Co-operations: Ming Xu; Professors of Historical Faculty: Jin Wu, Kuo Li Xu and Cheng Yeh Chu; the Deputy Director of the Center of Hui Studies: Zhung Sheng Hu. The participators of AHU shared school development and academic exchanges with professors and students of Providence University through the symposium, and they also visited campus features of Providence University: John Paul II Sports Hall, the new recreation center and Luking Library.

The Vice President of Providence University (PU) said PU has built great relationship with AHU, and every year we held many co-operated academic exchanges events to enrich academic exchange and improve research and academic development.

The President of AHU, Huna Cheng stated: AHU has been funded for eighty-four years and is a comprehensive university which provide various programs. Moreover, AHU is the primary university for constructing in "Project 211". As an excellent university in China, AHU has been co-holding many academic exchanges events with PU for many years. In order to create a bright future for both universities, I hope there will be more interdisciplinary exchanges between AHU and PU.

Ming Xu, the Director of the Department of International Exchange and Cooperation said: AHU has four campuses which include one Science Park and twenty six colleges. The disciplines include Literature, Engineering, Philosophy, Law, Education, Art, Management, Economic, Science and History and comprise seventy-seven majors. There are 26,000 students in total; 5,352 are graduate students and 21,338 are undergraduate students. We have signed various science cooperation agreement with seventeen cities, maintained close partnership with twenty industrials and have industry-academia collaborations with 120 companies. Because of all these features, AHU has become the center of research and improve the social and economic development of Anhwei.