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National Immigrant Agency Signed The Strategic Alliance with Providence University

In order to develop a better society and promote a friendly environment for immigrants, National Immigrant Agency (NIA) signed Strategic Alliance with Providence University (PU) on April 25. The President of Providence University, Chung-Yi Tang and the Chief Secretary of National Immigrant Agency, Jin-Fu Hu both hoped future collaboration can help expand human resources, increase international volunteers and as a result provide better assistance to new immigrants and improve their living condition.

For Providence University, building an internationalized learning environment is the crucial goal. With NIA's support, Providence University becomes more proficient in helping the students and professors from overseas with their visas, especially. Thus, the President of PU Chung-Yi Tang appreciated NIA for their consistent assistances to international students, professors, oversea Chinese students, and students from Mainland China.

As a Catholic university, Providence University is committed to contribute to society and care for the needy. Through the alliance with NIA, we hope students and professors will apply their expertise and provide professional assistance to immigrants in the areas such as communication, counseling, advocacy and education. Recently, the professors of Department of Cosmetic Science have been teaching the method of making soap and essential oil for immigrants in order to equip them to develop employability skills.

Now, we see more possible ways to provide new immigrants assistances and build a friendly environment through government-university collaboration. Students are precious assets; thus the NIA chief secretary encouraged students who are interested in the service of new immigrants to take internship at NIA or civil examination so that they will learn practical ways to serve immigrants. During the meeting, crucial issues are covered such as how to recruit international talents, assist students from Mainland China to study in Taiwan as well as immigration policy amendment in order to expand the service field and improve the service efficiency of NIA.