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The Alumnus of Providence University Developed Popular Flavors of Beer

Jiang Huei Sian, the alumnus of the Department of Food and Nutrition of Providence University, has fulfilled what she learned at Providence University and developed the popular fruit beer- new flavor with pineapple and mango.

Three years ago, Jiang became the most junior technical specialist in Taiwan Tobacco and Liquor Corporation (TTL) of Wu Rih. Since then, she has been developing on new flavors of fruit beer. Last year, the fruit beer with white grape and litchi flavor has made splashes on the internet, netizen "Hdu2" said: "I really want to try it, but after visiting five convenience stores, they all told me they are all sold out". Jiang was motivated by a huge market potential as she believes the fruit beer fits young people's taste.

Now Dr. Jiang is working on the development of new flavors of mango and pineapple in beer. In the beginning, TTL thought the flavor will not go with beer, but Jiang thought the fruit color and taste were suitable for beer, so the combination will be great. After countless failures, she finally found the best combination of fruit and beer.

The wine tasting procedure in these years has made Jiang Huei Sian drink like a fish for she sometimes has to taste thirty to forty glasses of wine (each contains about two hundreds cc) in one day for the demand of work. Thus, now it is easy for her to drink a six-pack at one time.