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Students From Shirayuri College To Start Internship at Providence University

Ten students from Shirayuri College have started their Educational Internship at Providence University.  This internship starts from September 24th and lasts until October 3rd.  In order for them to  have the most effective experience in this internship, Providence University has decided to arrange a Japanese Conversation Course so that they can have a real classroom  atmosphere where students of Providence University can also experience different teaching methods as they also teach a variety of lessons in this upcoming internship.

President Tang Chung Yi (Ǹq)of Providence University, said that the cooperation in the internship and academic exchange between Shirayuri College and Providence University has been going on every year and he hopes that students from both universities can have precious and meaningful experiences while having interactions with each other.

Professor Tokiwa Tomoko (`Ll) of Shirayuri College especially thanked Providence University for providing this internship for the students of Shirayuri College which she says would be a great experience for them before starting their  career as teachers. She believes that this activity which is a part of the academic exchange program can also help students from Providence University to improve their Japanese conversation skills and at the same time learn Japanese culture from the students of Shirayuri College.