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Providence University Sends Kai Fong City High School Greetings As It Celebrates 80th Anniversary


Kai Fong City High School celebrates its 80th anniversary in a ceremony with President Wang of Kai Fong Eighth High School inviting nineteen alumnae of Chi-Yi Girls’ High School as guests of honor. These alumnae together with Madam Wang Pei Yin (王佩英) who won the Honor Alumni award of Providence University in 2011, were the most precious living treasures of Kai Fong City Eighth High School and Providence University.

It should be remembered that Mother Marie Gratia Luking (蓋夏姆姆), founder of Providence University, arrived in China in 1920, and after a year founded Hua-Mei Girls' Elementary and High Schools (華美學校) in 1921 and eventually Ching-Yi Girls' High School (靜宜女子中學) in 1932. During the war between KMT Party (國民黨) and Communist Party, Mother Marie Gratia Luking moved to Taiwan, and in 1956, Providence University was established in Taichung by Mother Marie Gratia Luking and other sisters.

This year is the 80th anniversary of Kai Fong City Eighth High School (開封八中), formerly known as Ching-Yi Girl’s High School. President Tang Chung Yi (唐傳義) of Providence University especially attended the ceremony and personally sent his greetings on behalf of Providence University remembering with gratitude Mother Marie Gratia Luking.

Mother Marie Gratia Luking selflessly cared for the disadvantaged groups in China where during the 19th century most of the Chinese were poor especially the women. With the objective of helping them to make their lives better and stand on their own through education, she was motivated to establish these schools.

Providence University maintains the noble mission of Mother Marie Gratia Luking by continuing to work with Kai Fong City Eighth High School at providing gifted and talented (G&T) girls and women with a better educational environment suitable for them. In addition to this, the Office of International Affairs of Providence University has signed a sister school contract with many famous universities in Henan, China, i.e. Zhengzhou University (鄭州大學), Henan University (河南大學), Henan Normal University (河南師範大學), Henan Polytechnic University (河南理工大學), to name a few. Students of these schools are welcome to study at Providence University.