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Yes! Taiwan, Learning to Start Own Business at Providence University


To inspire young people on starting a business of their own with a local touch, the Ministry of Economic Affairs in cooperation with the National Youth Commission Executive Yuan, Council of Labor Affairs together with the Ministry of Education held a meeting on this issue entitled, ¡§YES! Taiwan, Starting Businesses for Young People¡¨ at Providence University on October 8. The theme of this meeting focuses on three parts: ¡§Young, Energy and Startup¡¨. Many young entrepreneurs from different sectors have been invited to the meeting to share their ideas and experiences on how to start one¡¦s own business with the audience.

President Tang Chung Yi (­ğ¶Ç¸q) of Providence University was quoted saying at the meeting, ¡§Many young people have their dreams on starting a unique business of their own and be successful entrepreneur. In this regard, Providence University is always willing to do its best to help these young people. As a matter of fact, funds have been provided for ¡§Center of Inspiration¡¨ which aims to answer the needs of those who seek some pieces of advice on their ideas with regard to starting a business.¡¨

INNU Company, funded by the alumni of the Department of Cosmetic Science of Providence University has also been invited to the meeting. This company still keeps its cooperation with the Department of Cosmetic Science on developing new products. At the meeting, they show the audience how to develop, produce and promote the products to the customers.

Government subsidies of various kinds are also available for these young entrepreneurs in case they decide to start a business of their own. With this financial help from the government, these young people can easily start to put into practice whatever business ideas they may have and be able to stand on their own eventually .

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