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Providence University Students, Gold Medalists in IKA/Culinary Olympics 2012


The 23th IKA/Culinary Olympics 2012 was held in Germany where Ke Ming Jhong (柯明宗) and his apprentice, Ye Dong Han (葉東翰) won four gold medals.

Ke Ming Jhong, known as the chef of Hshin Zhu Fu Tai Business Hotel (新竹福商務酒店), has won twenty gold medals from different international culinary contests in ten years.  Ke Ming Jhong was not well educated. He left school when he was studying in Junior High School First. Since he had no interest in studying, he decided to find a job at a restaurant and focused on improving his culinary skills.

The nineteen year old competitor, Ye Dong Han, who was the apprentice of Ke Ming Jhong, also won a gold medal for Taiwan in IKA.  He studied at the Department of Tourism of Providence University and followed the footsteps of his master by learning the skill of Vegetable Carving from him for six months. Although he was a new comer in the field of Vegetable Carving, he showed his talent as a gifted student and as if the dark horse has taken him, won a gold medal from the contest like his master.

Ke Ming Jhong also won a gold medal from the other culinary contest held in Korea in May, and in IKA, he won another gold for his sculpture “Jin Cai Wu Ji Yue” (金釵舞技樂) which was made of fifty kilos of taros carved delicately to represent the dancing way of the ladies of the imperial palace.  In addition, he also won another gold for his carving of  “E Nuo Sian Nyu” (婀娜仙女) made from a big pumpkin to represent a Chinese fair lady. Ye Dong Han, on the other hand, won a gold medal for his sculpture, titled, “Yi Wei Du Jiang Da Mo” (一葦渡江達摩), a vegetable sculptor who was known for the tasteful thickness of his carving.  His sculpture perfectly presented the smooth attitude when Da Mo crossed the river with merely one weed under his foot.