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2012 Student Council Conference Held at Providence University

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The 2012 Taiwan Colleges Student Council Conference was held at Providence University on October 19, 2012.  The objectives of this conference are to develop the students’ quality and to establish a platform for exchanging opinions on different issues of students’ affairs.  About two hundred student leaders from different colleges around Taiwan have attended the conference.

Mr. Chou Wen Kuang (P), Vice President of Providence University was quoted as saying; “The theme of this conference focuses on how to manage the Student Council well and develop the quality of students by attending public activities. Student leaders from every college should understand these issues well from the lectures and speeches in this conference.”

During the conference, the lecture on, “The Soft Power of College Students,” three important qualities students should possess have been suggested and these are: curiosity, knowledge and critical ability.  

In order to give students some room to share their opinions, the following workshops have been formed and funded, a) Student Government Workshop and b) The Forum of Civic Education. In these workshops, students would be able to exchange their views as well as share their experiences on different issues about student affairs.