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Congratulations to Providence University for Excellently Meeting All Standards for Accreditation for the 100th Academic Year!


Evaluated by HEEACT (Higher Education Evaluation and Accreditation Council of Taiwan) in the second semester of 100th academic year (2011-2012 academic year), all five standards for accreditation are excellently met. Providence University has received an overall affirmation from the board on resource arrangement, policy and achievement for managing the school and for self-improvement mechanism.

For the 100th academic year, out of 71 universities evaluated only 44 of them satisfied all five standards with a grade of 61.97%. To confirm the qualities and encourage self-improvement from all universities, HEEACT evaluation and accreditation focus on two points: whether a university can develop a clear orientation and whether a university can establish a mechanism for evaluating the students’ performance and ensure their accomplishments. The evaluation items included schools’ orientation, administration and management, teaching and learning resources, achievements and community responsibilities, and mechanism for improving quality assurance.

In addition, Providence University also passed the department evaluation and consequently, the Ministry of Education awarded PU for Outstanding Teaching. In the 100th academic year, Providence received the second highest subsidies for its Citizens’ Core Competence Curriculum Program and for Study Abroad Scholarship from The Ministry of Education. Providence University is the only one member of ISEP (International Student Exchange Program) in Taiwan. The above-mentioned results only prove that PU follows such good policies of running the school and therefore has become well-known for it.

President Tang Chung Yi (Ǹq) of Providence University,  expressed his appreciation for the teachers and staff members who exert effort and pay attention to the students education at Providence. He looks forward to keeping the educational philosophy which centers on love and care, developing distinctive features, making progress on research, teaching and serving, cultivating knowledgeable students with specialization, with virtue and social conscience, and pushing Providence University forward to excellence.