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I Love. I Light. I Share.


 “I Love. I Light. I Share.” is the theme of this year’s Advent Season at Providence University.  Christmas lights in Providence University and in all the Catholic schools in Taiwan have been lighted up to symbolize hope, care, support, and forgiveness through acts of love and prayers. This lighting ceremony at PU starts with the performance of the cheering squad and school clubs. While the choir sings, everyone holds hands, praying, wishing, and at the same time, igniting the lights to show and share the warmth of love in Taiwan.

This Christmas Lighting Ceremony is an annual event at Providence University. Forty eight (48) candles are lighted up to symbolize the 48 Catholic schools in Taiwan. In observance of this Christmas celebration, Providence University, together with the other eight (8) institutions in Taiwan also launches a fund-raising project to help the disabled in the Diocese of Taichung.  Christmas presents have been collected for the underprivileged children while a series of Christmas activities such as Christmas caroling for the inmates in prisons and for the Senior Citizen Centers are also unveiled to commemorate this important event.
Chairman Su Yao Wen(Ĭģ), President Tang Chung Yi(Ǹq), Vice-Chancellor Jiang Shan Zong(v), teachers and students of PU, are among the participants at the ceremony made beautiful by the numerous lights and candles around the campus. Chairman Su Yao Wen(Ĭģ) says that the lighting ceremony symbolizes not only the passing of light but of love given out to others.

President Tang Chung Yi points out that one could gain valuable experience of love and being loved at Providence University. Students at PU can take Service Learning Courses which encourage them to build up their self-worth, confidence and sense of responsibility while serving in high schools, in communities, and   underprivileged minorities. In addition, he says, students can cultivate their sentiments concerning the international community through international service.

Merry Christmas to All!