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Volunteer Service Program in Swaziland Presented at the Book Launching

Taichung Diocese recently presented the Volunteer Service Program in Swaziland at the launching of the book, titled, “Starting from 1J Young Taiwanese in Swaziland” at Stella Matutina Girls’ High School. Swaziland Ambassador Njabuliso B. Gwebu and Taichung Mayor Hu Chih-Chiang were also invited to grace this great event. During the presentation, the Taiwanese volunteers shared their personal experiences and cultural shock in Swaziland while showing the photos to the audience who were all touched by what they saw and heard.

Last summer 2012, the Diocese of Taichung led a team of 41 volunteers whose aim was to provide medical and community support to the Kingdom of Swaziland. The team consisted of doctors from Cardinal Tien Hospital, teachers and students from Fu Jen University, Providence University, Hui-Wen High School, Viator Catholic High School and Stella Matutina Girl’s High School. While in Swaziland, they learned the hard way of living, plowing and sowing, cooking with firewood, painting and building a house. They also walked a long way home every day with buckets of water on their shoulders.

Mayor Hu
was moved by the volunteers’ work in Swaziland and said that it was common for young students to have fun during their summer vacation. However, these volunteers did the unusual by sharing love and support to the people in Swaziland instead of enjoying their vacation.  Mayor Hu hopes to be with the volunteers someday and to manifest his support to the program, decided to buy 300 copies of the book, “Started from 1J Young Taiwanese in Swaziland”.

Bishop Martin Su Yao-Wen
thanked the participants and all the guests from different fields for sharing with Swaziland people their immeasurable love and support.  He also mentioned the progress of the volunteers in the last three years and the team of 41 volunteers for 2012 summer program in Swaziland. He hopes God’s love can be distributed more to the people in Swaziland.

These young and enthusiastic volunteers have experienced hardship living in Swaziland, but what they will always remember are the joy, love, and contentment of the people of Swaziland especially the children. Truly unforgettable!