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CAN News - Internationalization of Education

On Global Competition and Internationalization of Education by the Ministry of Education: (Local News) April 11, 2013.

Minister Wen Tong Lin of the Department of International and Cross-strait Education under the Ministry of Education (MOE), says, ¡§Due to global competition, global perspective is needed now in almost all of the professions, thus, internationalization has become an indispensable material and issue in our education today.

¡¨ Providence University International College sponsored activities at the opening ceremonies on, ¡§2013 Internationalization of University Education Forum.¡¨ A number of students participated in the ¡§411 Study Tour and Study Abroad Fair.¡¨ Moreover, domestic and foreign experts from the government, industry and academic sectors were also invited to discuss and exchange their ideas and thoughts.

At the meeting, Minister Wentong Lin mentions that in facing global competition, it should not only be those social elites who can pursue internationalization but also those students in Taiwan who are willing to adapt to multi-cultural environment and have the strong motivation to be proficient at speaking various languages considering the fact that all professional sectors need knowledgeable people who have international vision while understanding global operations.

President Fu Yi Tang of Providence University says that Providence University has more than 200 International partner institutions and that the resources about foreign languages and mechanism for the international exchange students have been actively mobilized. PU International College has been established as a global teaching platform to help PU students have a chance to connect with the world and improve their international competitiveness.

The principal of City University of Hong Kong, Wei Guo indicates that the purpose of Internationalization of Education does not limit itself to communicate in English and the interflow of academic studies and exchange students but he says the most important parts are content and attitude. In short, he says, ¡§let the students appreciate their own culture and learn from their experience abroad.¡¨

Student representatives from Japan, Mainland China, United States, France, Germany and other countries also participated actively by sharing their experiences on study tour and studying abroad. They also performed at the program and watched movies. (Shufen Chen reported in Taichung. 1020411)


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