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Career Expo 2013

Career Expo 2013

On the twenty-eighth of March, Providence University launched, “Campus Career Expo” at Providence University.  On-the-spot interview and employment right after graduation were also part of the Expo.

Providence brings forth elites while unveiling abilities of the students. At the Career Expo, companies looking for new recruits have all come up with various strategies at hiring like offering generous salary and welfare privileges.  On the spot interviews were conducted which resulted in many undergraduates having jobs in advance. President Chuan Yi Tang encouraged students to be well prepared and have   professional knowledge and a positive attitude to have a better chance to be noticed by companies looking for new employees. 

The graduates briefing session helped pave the last mile of their way before becoming a green hand in the society.  It also encouraged them to choose suitable companies for interviews and hold on to every opportunity possible for getting on the right track.
The booths of popular companies were packed with students inquiring information and filling out resumes. Simultaneously, the school also held, “Resume Correction & Interview Skills Training Program to help students with their resumes, autobiographies and interview.  Students also profited from “Profession Adaption Tests” provided by the school in which they are able to get to know their abilities and advantages in work areas.  Through the “Enterprise Briefing,” students were able to have first- hand knowledge about different companies’ operational methods and staff requirements.

Director Shi Su Juan, of the Alumni and Employment Office said that students can use this opportunity to get to know the present conditions and requirements of the employment market and to make preparations for their second specialty that can make their job hunting more accessible. They also held a contest on “Green Hand in Society, Interview and Professional Image” to help undergraduates stand out at interviews and build self-confidence. There were 30 contestants this year, all of them profited not only from their own experience, but also from the excellence of other contestants which eventually can help them stand out at future interviews.
  “Being prepared is the key to success” said Zhu Xi Ting, a senior in the Chinese department, “The career expo is a great way to make first contact with companies, inquiring information, grasping requirements, and getting to know the present condition of the workplace, to pursue a greater chance at employment. Although still one year more from graduation, junior year student Chen Wan Jun hopes to understand the requirements of companies from the career expo, and plans to use the year remaining to enhance professional knowledge and core competencies to boost competitiveness.