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ˇ§The Tempestˇ¨, an English Drama by William Shakespeare

The English Department of Providence University recently performed on stage, William Shakespeare’s drama, “The Tempest,” which showed their remarkable talents that impressed the audience.
 No need to take a plane to England to watch this brilliant English drama by Shakespeare. The senior students exerted their acting skills to explain the important elements in the plots such as humanism, political power and the emotions like pardon and hostility. This also marked the beginning of the English Festival which included academic lectures and language competitions in translation, writing, and poem recitation.
   Assistant Professor, Yi Ling Chen of the English Department at Providence University said at the opening performance that this drama has been adapted from Shakespeare’s original work, The Tempest and was performed by the senior students taking “Shakespeare” class. The Tempest was a script that Shakespeare wrote as his autobiography.  It describes the process where Prospero who was overthrown by the Duke of Milan was framed and exiled to a desert island with his daughter.  While in exile, they could only depend on each other.  Prospero became a magician and started to revenge. The main character, Prospero represents Shakespeare himself. The end of The Tempest responded to the plot in which Prospero invited the audience to set him free from the island with their applause. Shakespeare said farewell to his audiences through Prospero’s lines.
    PU students also participated in the 2013 Ninth Shakespeare’s drama competition held at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. They chose Shakespeare’s script, Twelfth Night to join the competition. To show that Taiwan is multi-cultural, they invited a student from the Taiwanese Literature Department who happens to have a princess’ lineage from the Paiwan tribe to help them with their costumes and props which garnered high admiration from the judges.
    The senior student of the English Department, Yi Xuan Pan said that they used their body language to interpret Shakespeare’s words.  Through the drama, they felt Shakespeare’s anger and his concern towards his daughter. He also added that everyone involved gained a lot from arousing everyone’s potential by performing in the drama to achieving their goal together.
Another senior student, Xian Qian Chen indicated that in showing a professional performance, every actor and actress has to understand the background of the story, memorize the lines and the emotion of the character so that they can express correctly the spirit of The Tempest and the meaning of that generation. During the rehearsals, they acquired revolutionary spirit and improved their English ability in speaking, listening and reading as well.

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