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Let the Purple Bullet Fly-Paintball Tournament

On May 2nd, 2013, Providence University sponsored, “ Let The Purple Bullet Fly – Paintball Tournament”, in which students and school staff wore camouflage suits, armed with paintball guns and simulated how to survive under the swarming bullets. The intensive live training motivated the students and staffs to take risk and cooperate with each other (as shown in photo). The Chief Executive Officer of the school has also teamed up and competed against the students (considered one of the highlights of the event). Camouflage wounds followed by giggles, was truly an experience with the All-Out Defense Education in a delightful matter.

The competing teams advanced with cautious manner, fighting against each other without holding back. President Chuan Yi Tang, encouraged the students to promote the spirit of sportsmanship by their endurance through the paintball competition, pushed to understand the concept of Taiwan’s National Defense and instilled teamwork and the spirit of never giving up among the participants.

Director of Military Training Office, Zhong Ying Yang stated that the “Let the Purple Bullet Fly – Paintball Tournament” is a collaboration of The Echinacea Campaign and All-Out Defense Education.  He also said that the purple bullet means the symbolic signs of anti-drug called the Echinacea. Hoping that the symbol of Echinacea can strengthen the determination in fighting illegal drugs in campus and society as a whole, the concept of winning and losing at the tournament is not what matters most but the experience they had are all precious memories to remember forever.