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Cosmetic Science Departmentˇ¦s Graduation Exhibition: Popularity of Petˇ¦s Care Products

The Department of Cosmetic Science of Providence University held an exhibition titled, “Voluptuous Sensuality, A Graduation Exhibition of the Cosmetic Science Department” on May 10th, 2013.” The mayor’s wife of Taichung city, Shaw Hsiao-ling, was at the event to try out the products first hand.

The “Product Design Exhibit” and the “Research and Development Achievement Exhibit” were the center of the graduation exhibition. Both exhibits represented the achievements of every aspect of the students’ research.

Mrs. Shaw Hsiao-ling, who graced the occasion, encouraged the students to bring forth their talents and transform the world into a place of truth, beauty and virtue. She showed her appreciation to the school’s involvement and gave her blessings to them saying they should be able to stand out in the area of cosmetics with their specialties. The “Doggy Flavor” is one of the most popular pet-care products on sight where a cute dog was hired to endorse the products. The student responsible for the development of the product stated that the pet’s tender care shampoo contains liquid extracted from orchid and chamomile. The product can tenderly wash off the extra oil from the pet and moderately release sebum which makes the shampoo achieve its goal against allergic reaction and advance skin metabolism.

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