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Department of Mass Communicationˇ¦s Graduation Exhibition

Providence University Mass Communication Department held their graduation exhibition today at the International Conference Hall where out of the 9 films displayed, 4 were nominated for domestic and international film exhibitions.
The Fifth Annual Mass Communication Graduate Exhibition will be displayed at the Taichung Broadcasting Bureau, Taipei Dun Nan Eslite bookstore and at Providence University.  A total of 6 dramas, 2 documentaries, 1 news feature and many theses were exhibited by 60 graduating students.

Director Qiu Zhi Yong of the Mass Communication Department noted that the school uses a “learn while making, make while learning” method to help improve students’ professional standards where graduates can already make mature works. Productions nominated for domestic and international films expo include the documentary, titled, “Urban Renewal”, nominated for the “Chinese college student documentary observation exhibition.” While the drama, titled, “Pulling Love” was nominated and awarded the “Best Choice Award”at the Youth Film Exhibition sponsored by Kaohsiung City Hall. The documentary titled, “A Long, Long Time Ago” was nominated at the 20th Beijing College Students Film Festival. A college student’s original film entry, “The Left Atrium” was nominated for the Kunshan University of Science and Technology “Screwdriver Film Exhibition”.

  Providence University lecturer Xi Hao pointed out that the students’ works are significant; they are about community renewal, elderly, homosexual and social problems. They probe into the base level of society to find inspiration and use art to express society’s problems, also to remind people to care for society.

  The director of the film “Urban renewal” Liang Zhi Rong indicated that Taichung’s central district was a prospering district, but is now forgotten and is facing problems such as transportation and public safety issues. When the crew was filming at the central district, they even came across a dying tramp inside an abandoned building; they were only able to save him by calling the police and transporting him to safety.

  Liang Zhi Rong said that through the words of Mr. Chen, a locally born and raised member of the church, having seen the thriving period of Taichung’s central district, to the forgotten and abandoned condition it is in today. The student’s crew hopes that the documentary will help arouse social care for a brighter future of this abandoned community.

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