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I Love Being a Navy

“I love being with the navy”, thus, says the older sister who joined the service together with her younger sister. The lady troops had their dream come true by being with the navy. The older sister calls her younger sister as “senior schoolmate.”

Ziting Chen and her younger sister, Peiting Chen serve at Eastern Patrol Office of Coast Guard Administration, No. 83 Unit. Their grandfather was a soldier and their father serves in Hualien Police Station which made them dream of joining the army since they were little kids. They applied as volunteers and were assigned to be at the Coast Guard Administration to support the security check of steamships’ entrances and exits at Hualien Port. Ziting and Peiting think it is really cool to wear orange uniform when they are on duty. “We love being a navy!” they say.

The older sister, Ziting Chen, is twenty three years old now. She enlisted in May this year after she graduated from Providence University. She calls her younger sister “senior schoolmate” because she was enlisted four months later than her sister. She says that there was a time they were given the topic, “My Aspiration” in their writing class where she wrote about her dream of being in the military service. Now, she has made her dream come true and is satisfied with her job at Coast Guard Administration.
The younger, Peiting Chen, who is twenty years old now, mentions that both of them liked to watch war films. They played war games by taking the bamboo knife and bamboo sword when others played with Barbie Doll. They started to train themselves in jogging and push-up since they were junior high. After applying as volunteers, they were assigned to serve in Hualien Inspection Office. They received their certificate of their physical examination and eventually finished the four months training in Coast Guard Administration. They usually encounter different foreigners from various nationalities in various missions, yet they think this is more interesting than normal troop’s life.
At the beginning of this year, they finished their training and were assigned to the unit where they served at the register. Their responsibilities include training their subjects and also do logistic operation. Though they are thin, they have the same physical strength as other male colleagues. It’s easy for them to run five thousand meters and do two hundred times push-ups. They receive NT$28,000 as their monthly pay. With regard to their personal life, both of them are still single. The younger one says that since they have just started with their service and are still beginners in their unit they would rather focus on their work instead and are not concerned with the affairs of the heart.