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Retired Professor TianYi ZhauíŽs Donation

Retired Professor Tian Yi Zhau of Taiwanese Department at Providence University donated his manuscript, literary data and his collection of over ten thousand books to the Luking Library on June 6, 2013. Providence University President, Chung Yi Tang gratefully acknowledged these collections as really helpful and valuable to Taiwanese Literature which can help enlighten students.

Professor Tian Yi Zhau had taught Taiwanese Literature at Providence University since 1991. Being a bookworm, he would hide his new book in the shoe cabinet whenever he bought one. The professor says that buying new books makes him happy, a feeling similar to a girl who buys new clothes. Donating his collection of books to PU gives him so much pleasure. He hopes however that Taiwanese Literature Department inherits his collections and let these distinctive books be considered as one of the features of Providence University.

The collections are of various categories, namely; his published writings, philosophy, commentary for the prose, the precious version of fictions from the early Taiwanese literature, poems, Chinese literary works in modern times, Japanese, English and Korean Literature’s famous literary work, as well as rare books which bear the writer's own.

President Chung Yi Tang considers Professor TianYi Zhau as both a literary writer and an academic research scholar who is outstanding in his professional field which is Taiwanese literature, culture and modern poems. He is also an influential writer and poet both domestically and internationally.  As a matter of fact, he was the recipient of the title of Public Model at Providence University. He also thanked  Professor Tian Yi Zhau for donating his collections to the library of PU which he says  are valuable for teachers and students as they can be source of data in their academic research.

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