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Mainland China and Taiwan Perform On Stage!

Mainland China and Taiwan put up an amazing theater performance to show what they have learned from their Taiwanese Literature classes.

2013 Taiwanese Literature Theater Performance, titled, “Signing a beautiful marriage on stage,” was presented by 12 local and cross strait students, who won the admiration of the audience through their excellent performance.

The story is about a man named, Mo Zheng Ping, who proposed to his neighbor, Chiu Na Na, but a string of misunderstood events almost render them to become enemies instead. At last, they find that a simple chat is the beginning of falling in love, followed by a successful proposal and eventually a happy ending.

The difference between local and cross strait students helps the performance bring in different surprises and inspirations! Guide teacher, Liu Chong Lun says that because this performance is a mid-day performance, the school thoughtfully prepared rice rolls for the spectators and performers hoping that the artistic merits can be boosted through theater performances and which will give the audience a satisfactory performance in both the mind and body.

The co-operation between local and cross strait student has made the performance a great success! Mandarin studies student, Zhang Zhi Hai of Bei Jing University Zhu Hai says that not only did he learn more about literature through the rehearsals but also learned a great deal about architecture, music and aesthetics combined with dramatic arts.

This stage performance is a great challenge for the first time performer, Zheng Ming Ming, a student from Zhejiang Industrial College. She says she learned how to overcome her shyness, express her emotions and become her character on stage as she acted.

GuoZhe Yuan, a shy senior Taiwanese studies student who talks like a mouse, learned to have confidence while performing on stage for all the audience to see.  He believes that the person on stage is the master house and has no reason to back down.

Zhe Jiang Industrial University student, Hu Dan Ni, had absolutely no experience in acting on stage when she joined the Taiwanese literature theater, but with every rehearsal, she gained the key to opening a new door to vocalize confidence. She used different vocals, rich emotional expressions and most importantly, gave life to her character on stage.