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Providence University and Chong Shan Medical University Strategic Alliance

         Providence University (PU) and Chong Shan Medical University CSMU) signed a strategic alliance memo, titled, “One plus one equals infinite!” on June 4th. The two universities plan to increase responsibility and contribution to the community and the society as a whole through professional co-operation. PU President Chuan Yi Tang and CSMU President De Ren Lai signed the strategic alliance memo which created a new spotlight in education.
President Tang says that complimentary advantages create triumph.  PU has now combined CSMU’s Oral Medicine Department and other research units to create the Overall Periodontal Disease Gene Analysis Platform. By using gene sequencing and analyzing, they have created a database for Taiwan’s Periodontal Account Groups. Through the study of genes and clinical patients, they can locate the source of the disease, filter, and develop new medicines.
          President Tang mentions that by creating a strategic alliance with CSMU, there is a possibility to go beyond the medical platform with the combination of both school’s professionalism and resources.  Through this alliance, both can help develop the guide model integrated with academic model and also pursue other plans. He also adds that enthusiastically training innovative and internationally competitive professionals will deepen and widen research potential which eventually can break into the industry and open many   possible opportunities.
President De Ren Lai says that through the strategic alliance of the two universities, they can complement each other’s field of expertise, share research partnership and academic resources to light up more academic sparks and create a new spotlight.
      The future of Providence University and Chong Shan Medical University depends on cooperation in actual form.  Through this   collaboration in terms of teaching and offering inter-school courses and classes, research plans, promotion of research results and other projects, the two universities will be able to complement each other in their   pursuit of excellence that will help boost the quality of their graduates.