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Yang Chuan Hui, a Blind Student Aspires to Lead

Yang Chuan Hui is deaf and almost blind but this does not stop him from aspiring to lead the underprivileged into a brighter future.

Not only has Yang Chuan Hui, a Providence university student received the Presidential Academic Award in High School, but has received the same award in his college years. Even though he is deaf in his right ear and almost blind, he has won many special awards both domestically and internationally through his hard work.

After attending college, instead of continuing his talent for music, he has also helped out by teaching at Taichung Hui Ming School for the blind, hoping that he would become a teacher someday to help out the underprivileged.

Yang Chuan Hui is a Chinese major at Providence University where he   complies with the requirements such as attending hiking events. Yet, he does not show any withdrawal or giving up but instead he takes the challenge with positive attitude and records his experiences and thoughts about it. He appreciates the things nature gives and takes, participates in many events and never limits his possibilities, plays against all odds and always gives his best by doing his utmost. His has set his goal and this goal is to give back to the society what he can possibly give. His wish is to set a new light in the dark in order to make a better and brighter future for this society where he belongs.

Good luck, Yang Chuan Hui!!! We are proud of you!!!